Major Hotel Chain
Problem: In order to retain the Hotel's Five-Star status, Sheraton LaGuardia was required to implement high-speed internet connection for its customers. After the completion of recent renovations, additional CAT5 cable installation proved to be a costly option.
Solution:To lower cost, and at the same time, meet customer requirements, MFT engineered a Wireless/Wired combo internet connection feature that would enable hotel guests to gain access without incurring costly renovations. MFT carefully placed multiple wireless access points in the hotel's major Meeting Facilities (e.g. Ball Rooms/Conf. Rooms). Proper site survey was conducted well in advance to eliminate common issues such as Privacy, Radio Interference/Signal strength.

Financial Service Institution
Problem: Customer signature on file was not able to be retrieved from one office to another.Mainframe data storage was stored traditionally in the coax type of communication protocol. Those data was difficult to be integrated into modern office application use. Customer service functionality was limited to each individual office's own operation. Internet Access for each office was not centralized managed.Remote access and manage function was not existing.
Solution: Integrated IBM AS400 existing banking software to Windows PC LAN terminal.
Established dedicated T1 lines betweens multi-location branches.
Provided network printing capabilities, file sharing an user authentication features.

Newspaper Publishing
Problem: World Journal, a major publishing house, wanted to eliminate their current costly OPX tie lines from Telco. They asked MFT to help them establish WAN link for their two locations.
Solution: MFT engineered private T1 solution, utilizing VoIP to replace the function of the existing 2 OPX lines. As a result, World Journal gained Data Wan connection and reduce their monthly cost. MFT continues to provide on-going monitoring and trouble-shooting services, as well as liaise with third party vendors on customer's behalf.

Real Estate Developmer
Problem: Major real estate developer needed consultation for their downtown development project of Intelligent Office Condo. They wanted technical innovation to add value and recognition to their targeted property.
Solution: With the combination of point-to- point and point-to-multipoint Wireless plus fully wired internal building communication, the developer are able to save cost and also gain the advantage of central control for management, security monitoring and data/voice communication.

Architectural Firm
Problem: A fast-growing nationwide architectural design firm based in Manhattan was looking for innovative IT solutions to keep up with their growing business. The company has expanded from the size of just under 50 staff to more than 300 within 4 years.
Solution: MFT transformed their public WAN to VPN. VoIP was also implemented for inter-communications. MFT partnered with other Tier 1 ISP to provide a seamless BGP internet routing for the firm.

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