Phone Systems Installation

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Certified Installer for Panasonic PBX Systems
MFT has being installed Panasonic digital pbx system for more than 10 years. The latest NCP500 and NCP1000 hardware integrated IP features to voice network. With proper implementation, companies can economically and transparently connect multi-offices into one voice PBX neworking. Tranditionally, such features were only available for large size companies. But now, with NCP PBX , MFT brings these features to SMB customers. By dialing a few digits extension code, companies can reach anywhere in the world that internet is available with no additional cost added.

Cable installation
MFT offers Cat3/Cat5/Cat6 Cable installation.

Voice Mail, Auto Attendant Company Greeting

Voice over IP
MFT ensures VOIP call quality by leveraging smart quality management and failover techniques.